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Name: SeRatu’s
Location: Jl. Timuran MG III / No. 83




Established March 2007
Contact Person:

Amalia Reza Chaidir Shane Matthews
Telephone No.

0817-189362 0815-6881500 0811-2542660
E-mail Address



In the morning of 27th May 2006, the historical and cultural city of Yogyakarta was shaken by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake which was centred on the Bantul regency. The quake caused 5,782 deaths, while 36,299 people were injured, 135,000 houses damaged, and an estimated 1.5 million left homeless.[1]


The disaster was a wake up call for 3 friends who decided to set up SeRatu’s to assist the affected families from the effected areas to rebuild their lives, as well as their own. The group of three are, Shane Matthews, an Australian citizen who was then working with the implementing NGO in the area, Reza Chaidir, from Pekalongan and Amalia Suyoto, originally from Jakarta.


The company started modestly by three friends producing simple hand made jewellery to be sold at the Sunday Market of University Gadjah Mada each week. Profits from the sale were then donated to the affected communities around Yogyakarta. As the sale volume of the items increased, the group decided to expand it production team to include single mothers from the affected communities. This move proved to be very well accepted by the surrounding communities as it also helped improved the economy crushed by the earthquake.


The team’s next move was to open a café gallery in a tourist area near the site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. The address (then) being No.100, Jalan Ngasem. “Seratus” is an Indonesian word for “One Hundred”, whereas the word “Se Ratu” also means “A Queen”. Therefore, the team thought it was apt to name their female fashion accessories production company, “SeRatu’s” (“A Queen’s).


Ngasem’s SeRatu’s café gallery closed it doors at the end of 2007 due to business restructuring.


SeRatu’s today

Currently, the production of SeRatu’s accessories is at the proprietor’s own resident in Jalan Timuran, Yogyakarta. SeRatu’s operates on a low overhead, high turnover business principle. It employs 5 full time and 1 part time/casual employees.

SeRatu’s creates one off design and does not mass produce each design. It believes that each wearer is unique and should be proud to wear the creation, only for them.

To date, SeRatu’s creations has been supplied to various stores in South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, and also Indonesia wide. SeRatu’s has also been invited to showcase it’s creation on numerous Fashion Festivals throughout Indonesia.


SeRatu’s future

SeRatu’s is currently developing online store to expand it’s fashion accessories business through the internet media. SeRatu’s also plans to expand it product range to include casual clothing, which design incorporates local traditional motifs.

Legal status and official registration number


SeRatu’s is classified as a home industry and is yet to be registered as a legal company.


Management Structure


Proprietor Mr. Shane Matthews
Design Advisor Mr. Reza Chaidir
General Manager Ms. Amalia Suyoto
Designer Ms. Yulia Hensy Wigawati

Ms. Nurtri Sularsih

Sales Ms. Endang Rumanti