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cara overclock /OC hp androidmu khsusnya xperia X8

December 15th, 2011 amrkimi 0 Comments

The ‘overclocking is a procedure that can hurt your loved x8 ergo follow this guide at your own risk!


- Rooted
- Banda Basic x15
- SetCPU

1) Download x8oc V004…8&d=1302528982
2) Extract the file and copy it on the sd x8oc.ko

3) By RootExplorer x8oc.ko copied to / system / lib / modules

4) Always go through RootExplorer / system / etc, hold down the file menu and which opens in selected Open Text Editor

5) At the beginning put this line


insmod / system/lib/modules/x8oc.ko # x8 overclocking

6) Save the changes and restart the phone

7) Open SetCPU, select Autodetect recommended speeds and set the desired frequency. Make attempts to find the maximum frequency of your CPU and select Set on Boot until you are sure it is secure

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